Luz limpia, asequible, no contaminante y de proximidad.

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¿Qué es la energía verde?

La energía verde o la energía de origen renovable es aquella que se produce por fuentes naturales e inagotables. Está la la energía eólica, la hidráulica, la biomasa y la energía solar, la que utilizamos Sapiens.

Si queremos ayudar al planeta podemos hacerlo utilizando energía verde y limpia. La CNMC es la que certifica que nuestra energía es 100% verde y es la que ponemos a disposición de todos vosotros.

Nuestra energía proviene de instalaciones solares fotovoltaicas ubicadas en los tejados de las viviendas o comunidades de vecinos y siempre es de proximidad. Es además una energía a un precio justo y sin intermediarios ni sobrecostes.

Nuestros usuarios saben en todo momento por lo que están pagando y saben el origen de la energía que utilizan. Queremos ir hacia una sociedad más verde que respete la limitación de recursos, al planeta y camine hacia la eficiencia energética.

Ventajas de contratar Energía Verde

Luz limpia, asequible, no contaminante y de proximidad

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Clean Light

Clean and green light from 100% renewable certified origins.

Fair Prices

You’ll always understand what you are paying for. No additional services that you don’t need.

Without Overpayments

There is no need to overpay to use green certified energy.


Supply is granted since the electric web soesn't change.


Always at the service of our members. No mandatory terms or special offers for new members.


The profits are 100% reinvested to generate social, environmental and economic positive impact in the communities where we act.

Ahorra hasta un 30% en tu factura de la luz

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Energía 100 % verde certificada

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Light and power at cost price.
Energy 100% renewable certified.
No terms or additional services.
Free rate optimization study.
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Light and power at cost price.
Energy 100% renewable certified.
No terms or additional services.

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Frequent Questions

What is Sapiens?

Sapiens is a non-profit consumers and workers cooperative. Our mission is to empower the members of the community through becoming active users of the energetic model, using, producing, and moving using clean energy sources.

What does make us different?

The majority of the electric companies are focused on developing the energy use and maximizing the power hired by their customers. These are opaque contracts that include additional services that you don’t even know you’re paying for, but the more energy you use the more profit they generate. We want to be a game-changer. At Sapiens we don’t have customers, but users. We motivate an efficient and sustainable use of energy through green energy commercialization, a model where the users understand what they are paying for, they understand the energy they are using and where does it come from. We are looking for journey mates that, starting from their energy consumption habits, would like to promote the transition towards a greener society that respects the resources limitations of our planet, and where the people are crucial and can decide and cooperate to maximize the positive net impact (social, environmental and economic) of our energy management.

If we all hire green energy, will we have the supply granted?

The truth is that given the total demand nowadays, it is not possible yet to supply all the energy as green energy. Only 40,8% of the energy comes from CLEAN sources. Thus, we are also working in other lines of action as the self-supply (shared or individual), electric mobility, or the creation of local energetic communities to promote renewable production. Anyway, if as consumers, all of us would mobilize and demand certified energy from renewable sources, don’t you think that things would change? We all together can do it. Are you in?

When can I hire the light with Sapiens?

We are taking the necessary steps to become an energy commercializing company. This process is complex, but we aspire to solve it in about six months. It is a challenge we are facing to get rid of intermediaries and extra charges, empowering the Users and Members of the Sapiens Community so they can enjoy green and proximity energy, paying a fair price, and playing an active role participating in the activities of their commercializing company. If you want to be a part of it, to help us with these first steps, and to be part of the change from the beginning, join us as a member!

Any doubt?

If you do not find the information you need or have any questions, please contact us and we will try to solve them personally