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What are the cookies?

This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and recover information while you navigate. In general, these technologies can serve for very diverse purposes, e.g. to identify you as a user, to obtain information regarding your navigation habits or to customize the way the content is shown. The concrete uses we make of these technologies are described below.

What are cookies on this webpage used for?

This webpage uses cookies for several purposes, including

Analysis: are these that, treated by us or by a third party, allow us to assess the number of users and so to measure and analyze statistically the use that the users make of the offered service. For doing that, your navigation on our website is monitored and analyzed to improve the products or services offered.

Advertising: are these which, treated by us or by a third party, allow us to analyze your Internet navigation habits to show you advertisements matching your navigation profile.

Who does use cookies on this website?

The identification of who uses the cookies, the type of cookies used and further details, is explained below.


Note: The “Tip” type cookies are used only by the owner of this web and the “Third-party” cookies are used, also, by the service provider developing the table above.

You can get information regarding the transference of information to third countries that, in that case, the third parties identified in this cookies policy would do according to their own policies (see the links provided in the section “Further information” of the table above).

How can I deactivate or eliminate these cookies?

You can allow or block the cookies, as well as delete the navigation information (included cookies) from your browser. Check the options and instructions offered by your browser to do it. Take into account that if you accept third parties cookies, you should eliminate them from your browser options.

Here you have valuable links with the necessary information to manage the cookies of the main used browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Microsoft Edge:

Other browsers: check the documentation of your browser.

Disqualification of Google Analytics complement for browsers.

If you wish to reject the analytic cookies of Google Analytics in all your browsers, so no information of yours will be sent to Google Analytics, you can download an add-on that does that work for you at:

Exercise your rights

You can check and exercise your data protection rights by checking our Privacy Policy.