We ease the creation of local and renewable energy communities

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Sapiens: Energy in people's hands

How does it work?

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Sapiens is a non-profit organization where you can have a vote, a voice and be an active part on the Energy transition in your municipality, impacting positively on the environment and your town while you save money. Be part of the change.

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Energy community

Would you like your town or neighborhood to be energy sustainable and self-efficient? We are really glad we can help you to drive an energy community in your surroundings.

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Produce your own clean energy in an easy way, save money in your electric bill while you contribute to the sustainable development.

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Clean energy supply

Use clean energy 100% renewable origin certified, at cost price and without extra services. With Sapiens you’ll always know how much you are going to pay. We reinvest our profits in the towns where our community is present.

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Invest in renewables

Because together we can go further. Jump in and fight against the climate change becoming part of our projects’ funding. Through the collective funding we make the profitability of our projects accessible to the small savers.

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Shared electric car

Do you use your car over 2,5 hours a week? If the answer is NO, we’re sure that you’ll like to share one of our electric vehicles with your town neighbors. Shall we help you?

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Creating a conscious and influential web of users that create and manage their energy.

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Are you a Team Player?


Javier Alandes

Economic sustainability

“the opportunity of inspiring a project with social impact, with people who also want to add their bit for a positive change in the way energy and our relationship with it is understood“


Araceli Rodriguez

Co-creation & Social Innovation

“to involve local communities in the design and management of necessary solutions to fight against climate change”


Juan Sacri

Energy expert

"Innovation in the energy sector to obtain affordable and clean energy for everybody, connecting the dots between the technical, social and economic parts”


Angela Sabio

Communication and Design

“To use the digital tools to empower communities creating a cooperative scenario; less disturbance, more listening”


Javier Cervera


“The future of energy is written listening to the consumer, who is the main actor. As ‘prosumers’, along with the experience on the energy field, we’ll make the Sapiens to grow and expand.”

Collective funding of self-supply facilities and installations in your town.

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How can I take part?

Plans and modalities


With a minimum contribution you can start enjoying all the benefits and services of the energetic community of reference in the Valentian Community. Take control over your own energy!

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Do you want to invest on renewable energies? We advise and offer a good rentability associated to investments on green and proximity projects. Ideal for small savers.

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Are you an installer, trainer or producer of renewable energies? Would you like to launch renewable energies projects in your town, company or neighborhood? We can help one another joining forces!

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What are we doing?

We impulse proximity projects

let´s rock!

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What do they say about us?

Arancha, Estivella

“To be a part of the Sapiens Community and to know the people involved in it, makes me recover the hope in being on the right track to motivate the necessary changes to face the climate change and leaving no one behind”.

Toni, Burjassot

“I’m a member of Sapiens because we work to turn our motto into a reality, “energy in the hands of the people”, to produce and consume our own energy, managing it in a democratic, collective and participatory way”.

Rosa, Canet de Berenguer

“I’m really happy of being a part of this community formed by so different kinds of people. It is being a really enriching experience, where I am being able to collaborate and taking steps to empower my town…”

Tomàs, Valencia

“I hope I can contribute to the community with my little or big knowledge about energetic systems, community management and energy transition. Sapiens is a big opportunity to learn and turn the transformation of the energetic model for one more inclusive, renewable and clean into a reality”.

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